All airports pro

So I just woke up and the airport I used yesterday became pro and all of them are pro.
Why did this happen?

Are you sure you have a valid Pro subscription, or are trying to spawn in one of the free regions?

If the answer for both questions is negative, could you provide a screenshot or recording?

First off, welcome to IF! You need to purchase IF pro to gain access to all airports and aircraft. If it tells you that the airport is pro, you most likely don’t have a subscription or your current subscription expired and you need to renew it.

Sounds like your Pro subscription has just expired.

No, I don’t have pro but all of the maps say I have to pay.

If you don’t have a pro subscription, you will be unable to have access to most airports unless you have a pro subscription. If you are enjoying the game, I strongly recommend getting the pro subscription, it is very worth it!

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