All airport have ATC?

Hello, Who thinks that all airport in Expert have ATC? And maybe training, Here is how it would work, the airports that do not have people controlling them, get AI controller, so every airport (except non controlled airport) get ATC, Who is with me!

I think you’re trying to do a #features request.

Unfortunately you can’t because you‘re a TL2. Keep being active on the community and you’ll get there.

It’s possible a mod will keep this up for you and change it to #features

Then what job would IFATC have?

Isn’t it more realistic if you have live controllers controlling instead of A.I technology? In real life, there is no A.I at airports. It’s all real life controllers controlling. So IF keeps it realistic that way :)

Feature request already exist for AI pilots and controllers. You are welcome to apply for ifatc yourself and help!