All aircraft veering left at take off speed Nil wind conditions

Hi, I’ve seen this questions asked before but not really answer whats going on.
All aircraft nearing or at take-off speed veer left. This happens every time. This also happens often, but not always at the landing phase too. This happens regardless of whether I’ve got AP engaged or flying manual .
Wind/turb=0-full ( ie this happens regardless of wind and turb strength
I’ve tried in all weather and weight conditions and the result is the same.
This happens in all time selections.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Best Regards all.


I tested it with some aircraft before and I can confirm that. It doesn’t really affect my takeoff as it’s only a very weak effect but maybe it deserves a look.

I would just counter the left yaw with right rudder. I know it’s not the most convenient thing, but you’d have to do that in real life anyways.

I’m pretty sure this problem is being fixed or at least has been brought into attention to staff. Hope this helps!

You should try to counteract that with ruder input to make the takeoff centerline Its happend to me before

HI CM. Appreciate the feedback but no amount of right rudder is working. The best solutions I have is to hold the breaks, go to full power and realease and take off in a banana shape with a right wingtip touch. Thankfully, something I never had to deal with in real life; just the odd strong gust or two. I’m glad it’s being looked at.

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The best thing to do since you’re nearing takeoff speed is to apply right aileron to hold your current position because rudder at this speed will not do much to get you back on centerline. I’ve never experienced this before (talking about irl conditions) but I’d say that’ll be your best bet.

Interesting rudder isn’t doing anything. Like Matt said below, try LIGHTLY rolling your device to the right in order to correct that left yaw. Let me know if this works :)

I’ve never experienced this irl either, unless we’re just experiencing left turn tendancies (P-Factor, torque, spiraling slipstream, gyroscopic precession).

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Cheers Matt. That is helping .

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Thats good. It helps once you pass 80 knots or V1 depending on weight and aircraft type. But usually rudder stops being effective on the runway past 80 knots.

It doens’t expand well but you can hopfully see what’s going on.
Just to re-cap:
device is set in a holder on a lever surface so that the position of the device is as if i were holding it in front of me.
no weather created and I’m not making any contorl inputs to show you that it happens by itself.
HDG selected and height selected. at the moment of rotation, the A/C veers.

Oh gosh. That’s bad. Would you mind showing what happens when rotating at a slower airspeed and with using rudder? Also, could you send a photo of your “Controls” section in settings? Do you notice any difference when the device is out of the holder vs. in it? Try not setting the AP until 1000 AGL and lmk what it does.

Try turning off the thing where if you tilt your device on the ground, it turns the aircraft, that might help, also maybe see if your payload isn’t balanced.

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Right where do I start!! Sorry for wasting your time perhaps! I set up weather as all zero (except vis) closed app and re-started but it didn’t save weather settings. so wind was 33 with gusts. This did used to be a problem with all zeros…honestly! I guessed there must have been an update since last time i used and now. I assumed it was the same problme and the fact that I thought I’d got my weather settings completely sorted. I’m using a tiny phone and didn’t notice on my hud that windspeed was reading 33. Very confused as this does somtimes, seem to be a genuine problem and then next time it happens i’ll do a vid showing teh weather settings to confirm everything…
Sorry for being a prize pillock.

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So this is solved? You were just experiencing winds?

Yep, Lets call it solved. Thanks CM

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Sweet! I’m glad you found out the issue. Welcome to the community!

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