All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

Thanks for the charts! I hope we can get more detailed TO/L charts for more aircraft soon. Especially need more detailed landing charts for the varying loads to use for interpolation when it doesn’t match the 25% load (I sometimes land at 30-35% load). Also, does anyone have a link to the QRG for all airplanes (I remember seeing one somewhere)? We should also have QRGs posted here for the different aircraft


Same here, theres not one time where I don’t use this

You can use a rule of three to find speeds in percentages above 25%, for example:

77W at 45% load
It is a value that is between 25% and 50%, with a difference of 20% to 25% (45 - 25 = 20%) and 17 kts (148 - 131 = 17 kts) between the “flare” speeds at these two load values.

I believe this would be Vref, but the guide describes it differently.
Source: Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles [777 Family]

Transforming this 25% range that the guide shows into 100%, and dividing 20/25:
45% load = 80% of this range; and calculating 80% of 17 kts = 13.6 kts.

Adding the flare speed at 25%: 131 + 13.6 = 145 kts rounded off!

If you have any doubts, let me know!