All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

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My 6 year old iPad is not compatible for Infinite Flight anymore, but I will link a tutorial in this topic. 👍


I hope this topic gets updated for the new upcoming year (2022) by OP @Kuba_Jaroszczyk.

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Nice wiki, but I have to disagree with two airframes.

The A-10 does not need more the 93% throttle without flaps in low attitude conditions. Flaps 7 where only needed in high attitude high load conditions, or when yo want to take off from a runway below minimum length. When you need trim, you are usually out of Profil, I have lots of hours with the A-10 and never used trim except for fuel consumption on maximum range ferry flights.
Yes, I am aware of the linked tutorials.

The other one is the F-16.
No flaps and 63% throttle is a good takeoff setup. For landing it is also sufficient to go without flaps, flaps where just produce drag and limit manoeuvre ability. In exchange the F-16 has a much higher landing pitch, when your in a negative pitch when landing your unnecessary in trouble.


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Thank you very much for your effort because testing out all aircrafts and then calculate the speeds and then flaps configuration is really a challenge

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I have some good news, as I have received a new phone this Christmas from my parents. A brand new device with a larger screen and a much more powerful processor will help me finish the tutorial topic with updated aircraft. Hopefully by next week I will buy a pro sub for a month and get my work done.

In addition, I could also try adding new information, videos and references to my current aircraft profiles. I have visited a lot of different websites that helped me have a rough idea to what speed an aircraft should lift off. In fact I could have a fear some profiles I have listed should be changed.

Hopefully plans won’t change with a good future ahead.


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Great to hear! I use this topic whenever I fly so it’s great to see it’s getting an update.

I was about to post a lot of important changes here but unfortunately the topic has extended a maximum of 32000 characters, and so I won’t be able to continue to finish my favorite topic.

I would like to thank everyone for the support and contribution in the process of making the profiles. I never knew and expected how much this topic will explode in demand. I felt like it is important for new pilots to just get a rough idea to what speed we are required to lift off any specific plane.

I will try and find some kind of a way around this but at the moment I won’t be expecting to make any changes here. Hopefully something will change.


For the A321-200, you may want to change the trims from 0% to maybe around 30%. I’ve noticed that the plane struggles to get off the ground at 0% trim, without having to yank back your device. With a preset positive trim, it will then takeoff gracefully like the rest of the A320 family aircraft.

You could try making another topic and call it a part 2. I know, it sounds inconvenient but that’s the only solution I can think of. This is just a suggestion, it’s your decision :)

P.S. You have no idea how much this guide has helped me, thank you so much for making this :)


Unless you are planning on taking off at a high speed, flaps 2 is recommended.

This is very helpful