All aircraft and regions free in Live (One month) Bug

Developers of Infinite flight have people who get planes and maps infinitely free without buying if they manage to fix this bug in the next update i thank.


Hey is this a support request and please refrain from writing in all caps

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So it’s a bug?

Maybe it’s a way to entice someone to get Live+.

Hey is the title better

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Can you please edit your post so myself and other community members can help you

Ok no problem.

How to reproduce this bug

I do no my friends talk this.

This post is very gramtically incorrect. Can you try to fix it to make sense as I cannot understand the point of this topic nor the question your asking…


I believe he used Google Translate based on the grammar

I think he is talking about someone who gets a month of Live+ for free (Probably he is talking about his friend from what I’ve read in post #8). He hopes this bug can be fixed in the next update.


Or left alone.

I prefer left alone. If it even exists.

Sounds to me like your friends have downloaded an illegal pirated copy of Infinite Flight off the net… You would need to verify they have purchased the app from either the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or the Amazon Store

@ Everyone else, Although it says "Live (One month) in the title, Hundreds of other people would have reported this if it were to be a bug

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Thanks :) Makes more sense

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