All airbus aircraft on Infinite flight

All these photos are NOT edited,What is the best photo?



Where is the A318 and A320?

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Nice pictures! I love the last one. Also, make sure to provide a bit of information for each photo :)

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The 5th and 6th photos look the best in my opinion.😀

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Either the alitalia or the Emirates in my opinion

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@Davide_Av Moved this to the Screenshots and Videos Category.

Lovely screenshots! But there are rules to follow so you are aware. Everything here in this topic is ok, except that you must add information for each picture, such as the server, route of the flight and time the picture was taken.

For more information, be sure to take a look into this topic. Thanks! The picture of the Etihad Formula One livery looks amazing.👍


Ok thank you,in the next topic I’ll do it

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Awesome pictures! The Etihad A346 is the best!

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Sorry but you need to do it for every topic including this one otherwise you have a high risk of it being deleted.

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