All A350 orders Operators and canceled orders

Just want to bring intention that this is not a feature request if there are feature request for these please feel free to vote for them if not please feel free to make one this is just to inform people about the A350 and I actually like how some of these liveries would look on the A350 in infinite flight

Aeroflot: currently 1 A350-900
Afriqyiah: 10 A350-900 on order
Air Asia X: 10 A350-900 on order
Air Caraibes: 3 A350-900 1 A350-1000
Air China: 13 A350-900
Air France: 7 A350-900
Air Mauritius: 4 A350-900
Asiana:13 A350-900, 5 A350-1000 on order
British Airways: 8 A350-1000
Cathay: 27 A350-900, 14 A350-1000
China Airlines: 14 A350-900
China Eastern: 8 A3500-900
China Southern: 8 A350-900
Delta: 15 A350-900
Emirates: 50 A350-900 on order
Ethiopian: 16 A350-900
Etihad 20: A350-1000 on order 5 delivered
Evelop: 2 A350-900
Fiji: 2 A350-900
Finnair: 16 A350-900
French Bee 4 A350-900 2 A350-1000
Hainan: 2 A350-900
Hong Kong Airlines : 2 A350-900
Iberia: 9 A350-900
Japan: 8 A350-900
Kuwait: 5 A350-900 on order
Latam: 11 A350-900
Lufthansa: 17 A350-900
Libyan Airlines: 6 A350-900 on order
Malaysia: 6 A350-900
Philippine: 6 A350-900
Qatar: 34 A350-900 19 A350-1000
SAS:5 A350-900
Sichuan: 4 A350-900
Singapore: 48 A350-900 7 A350-900ULR
South African: 4 A350-900 former
Sri Lankan: 4 A350-900 on order
Starlux: 5 A350-900 12 A350-1000 all on order
Thai: 12 A350-900
Turkish: 4 A350-900
United: 45 A350-900 on order
Vietnam Airlines: 14 A350-900
Virgin Atlantic: 7 A350-1000
Yemenia: 10 A350-900 on order

Qantas non confirmed but talks of buying a A350-1000ULR for Project Sunrise

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