All 50 U.S. States Now Have Commercial Flights

Delaware is the only U.S. state without scheduled commercial flights. However, this will now change.


Beginning May 14, Frontier Airlines will relaunch service to Wilmington/New Castle Airport in Delaware:

Delaware’s commercial flights have been on and off over the past few decades. At one point, Delta served it from Atlanta.

Delaware last had commercial flights when Frontier pulled out of the airport in 2015 stating it wasn’t profitable.

A big reason for this city not having scheduled flights is because it’s only a 30 minute drive away from Philadelphia Airport.

Frontier’s new flight appears to be 3x weekly flights between Wilmington-New Castle and Orlando beginning May 14 on the Airbus A319. The flight is loaded in Frontier’s booking system but not available for booking just yet.

We’ll see how long this flight lasts…

Anyways, congrats to Delaware for securing the flight!


Wait, people live in Delaware? Jokes aside, glad to hear that Delaware will finally get flights. Hopefully other airlines start following Frontier and if they do, it can open up a bunch of more routes across the U.S. and maybe even Canada.


Truthfully, I could see other low-cost carriers add flights if the airport offers a good incentive. ILG should be a nice alternative for the rapidly-growing PHL.


Wait, Deleware exists?
Sorry to hear that Delawareans never got a commercial flight in their state. Perfect for my 50 state challenge.


Couldn’t you just drive or are you trying to fly to all 50

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Within IF. I’m doing it as realistically as possible as I forgot to state. Never knew you could drive in IF 😂

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Rumor has it that @Tsumia lives in southern England


I actually never knew that Delaware had no commercial flights. Good to see that it has one now!

I was shocked that they picked that airport

Completely forgot Delaware was even a state until this post.

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I can’t believe Delaware had no flights before. I mean it’s a small state but still. I couldn’t imagine being more than 20 minutes from an airport

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