Alive, but not there - Lufthansa 747

So we know about the pandemic and how lots of aircraft are grounding its fleet. I decided to take the Queen out for a flight across the Atlantic, and got confronted by a -8 on final. I knew the perfect shot was imminent.

This is also one of the first edits I’ve done. Kept it plain and black for the time being. Hope you enjoy!

Flight Details
  • Route: CYVR - EDDF

  • Aircraft: Lufthansa 747-400

  • Flight time: 9 hours

  • Good route?: Definitely! Beautiful departure at Vancouver, over the Canadian Rockies, and passing directly over Greenland and Iceland, what more could you want!

For a Frankfurt geek, this shot may be if an annoyance. Let me know if you can work out why! 😆


Nice shots! My top three guesses for things that would annoy a Frankfurt Geek (Not sure if any of these are right)

  • You are taxiing to take off on 25R/07L which is a landings only runway
  • The other 747-8 is landing on runway 18 which
  • Yeah, that’s all I could think of…

I didn’t really notice anything except that the shot is incredible!

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Also, where are your flaps? :P

If you mean the landing on the center runway (if I see it correctly), that’s actually possible with a visual switch or in the current times due to runway closures as well.

Nice picture though, thanks for sharing!

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The old 747 livery and the new one together in black and white! Amazing!!!

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@Pingu this was actually after I landed. I had just exited runway 25R, so you’re on track with the runway, but not the right reason. ☻

And the 747-8 was also landing on 25R. :)

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