Alitalia will be gone

Euronews reported today that Italian airline Alitalia has cancelled all flights beyond 10/15/21, because the airline is closing for good, to eventually be replaced by a new airline, named ITA (Italia Transporto Aereo).

RIP Alitalia :(


Do we know if the Alitalia name will be kept?

No, the new airline ITA will change the name.

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I hope the livery is kept

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Sad news indeed, but it was bound to happen. Shame we never got a taste of the “new” livery in Infinite Flight…


That’s unfortunate. :( I’m going to miss this Airline.

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I think it won’t. I read one of the requirements set by the EU for granting so many investments by the Italian state, was to have a clear separation from the old brand to allow for a fresh start. A new livery is probably part of that, even though it would be very impractical and would mean more expenses.

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Will this be the same ITA as in Brazil or a different company

No, ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo) is a different airline

Unkown at this time. ITA will have to bid for AZ assets. Though many people.think ITA will take on the AZ branding and livery (and many others hope they do lol)

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I heard that it was a very bad airline

I flew on them in the summer of 2017 from KBOS-LIRF in an a330-200. Wasn’t awful, wasn’t great