Alitalia Virtual - Fly the Wings of Italy

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
I’m proud to announce the official release of Alitalia Virtual after IFVARB rating!

Our team and staff is ready to welcome of all you, pilots to fly with us.
As long as there isn’t global yet, we will operate in many region such as New York, London, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and many others. Our fleet is quite big and offers a variety of different types of airliners, from the A321 to the B747 or (in future) the MD-11. We think we are completely ready for global and our destination (more than 140) will cover all the 5 continents.
Do you like small routes flying across the beautiful Italian scenery? Apply as a pilot for Alitalia Cityliner!
You ll fly the E190 and A321 all across Italy, there won’t be a lack of breathtaking panoramas, landing on mountains (Trento), right on the sea (Genoa) o to mediterranean islands! What are you waiting for?

Do you love giant widebodies and intercontinental flights? Join Alitalia Limited Virtual!
Departing from our main hub you will fly our best planes to fantastic places like Nassau (Bahamas), Singapore and Sydney! Get much flight hours easier!

This is our current fantastic staff, that helped me a LOT making this VA:
COOs: @Johannes_koelsch and @Jurassicpark_1993
Chief Pilot: @AVIONICS
**Flight logger:**Hiring!

To ensure the best professionality from our pilots, we will test them and eventually train them thanks to our instructors and our Chief Pilot.
We will have monthly events, competitions, contests and the possibility for our most experienced pilots to fly with planes and liveries from some of our partners! Why haven’t you applied yet? Join us from the site .
We are waiting for you!
The Chief Executive Officer,
Edward (Fall Etto)

Check out our promo video! (made by me too)

Want to know more about our fleet? Check this out!


Well… Interesting.

I hope Alitalia Airlines doesn’t go out of business (IRL)


Hope investors will buy more

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Is this IFVARB approved?

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Yes, finally. 7 out of 10

Might look into this, good work!

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Great! This looks like a nice VA.

You should put it in the bio “IFVARB approved”

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Thank you man! :) We are putting there all of our dedition

We are working also on a list with all destinations of the real life alitalia with SID and STAR charts.

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This seems like a unique VA and well put together. Best of luck!

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Thank you very much, Rocco!

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Looks a bit fairy sparkles doesn’t it…

Also, you might want to consider getting a slightly nicer font for ‘Virtual Airlines’. Other than that, the VA looks good and I wish you the best of luck.


These sparks indicate the rise of the sun of a new era.

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IRL Do they still Operate the Boeing 747-200

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No, they obviously don’t :)


Nope. They returned all to the leasing company in 80s/90s

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