Alitalia Virtual Airlines

hello guys, I thought of doing alitalia virtual arlines but alone can not, there is someone in the forum who is interested?


I’m interested

Ok maybe we wait few days to see how many people we are and we can do it

Sign me in ;)

@Massimo_Murgida are you interested?

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I am, the thing is I’m already with Qantas Virtual but if I can be with both count me in!

Sounds very interesting. Where is your home base? I own and operate a Business Class Airline (like OpenSkies etc.) And were based in Antigua and Honolulu.

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FCO once it’s added! ;)
Jk i don’t know

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We need a italian region :(

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More competition for air.a320 ☺ welcome to the VA community if you go ahead.

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I don’t think that doing alitalia is good beacause they only have the a321 in IF

EBBR maybe???

They have the 777-200 aswell

Oh yeah… I’m sorry

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And 747 aswell

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guys if you know people who like Alitalia or Italians interested tag him please,
Come on it is time to start with Alitalia VA!


Hey I’m Massimiliano, I’m one of the Alitalia CEO. if you are interested you can check our website out by clicking this link . You have to select the page “careers and then join us”. The email you will send will be see by one of us and they will contact you about the ammission test . You can also subrscribe into our FB group " IFFG Alitalia-Etihad VA" :)

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Hey I’m Massimiliano one off the Alitalia CEO. Our hub is all over the Europe.
If you are interested to join us you can check it out here :)
Alitalia CEO and chief pilot A321