Alitalia VA thread

Can someday please link me the Alitalia Virtual IFC thread? I can’t found it.

Thanks in advance!

It says for any thing related to Virtual Airlines


This is the right category


Yeah, it is fine here in this category

The Alitalia VA Website is if that helps

No, i found the website but not the thread.

@AliAlex is the CEO. I looked for a thread but couldn’t find one 🧐

Let’s not worry about the category and actually answer the OPs question. :)


I don’t think Alitalia virtual operates any more.

It has been approved by IFVARB this June I think

I’m pretty sure they recently just got approved and might not have their thread out yet is my best guess.

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I just looked and I don’t see them on the database yet.

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They don’t have a thread as of now. You can PM the CEO @AliAlex or check out their website. Not having a thread for some time after approval is a normal practice and I’ve seen a few VAs do so.


Alright, thanks. Can be closed.

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