Alitalia VA is born!

Alitalia VA is operative,join us!


I have a question. Do yiu need a live subscription to fly for Alitalia/Etihad VA?

Is better if you have because we organize a live fly

Is it still possible to sign up even if i don’t have one yet? I have a lot of experience from flying with another VA

Do u have to choose a favourite aircraft in Alitalias fleet (in IF)?

No,when you get amission you must fly with alialia plane,when you are free do what you want…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alitalia-Etihad website is out.If you are interested to join us check it out:
“Comincia un nuovo viaggio” 🇮🇹🇦🇪

Okay thank you!

No just co catch us :)

Just contact us :)

No it doesn’t matter. When you pass the ammission test to enter you have to do another test for the application for the arc raft. And you can choose everything you want to fly

Ohh ok. Thanks

Please accept meeeeee🤗🤗🤗🤗

@Massimiliano_Giglion @Andrea_Scaglioni