Alitalia to Fly to Johannesburg and Nairobi

Now this is a great! JNB has been experiencing a lot of new aviation stuff recently. Air Mauritius operated there 350 here along with Ethiopian. I’m dyeing to catch these two. But got exams.

So now Alitalia is coming on their innagural flight to Johannesburg, 4 Days before my birthday! Brilliant timing.

What I find odd is that they’re on the brink of bankruptcy, or they are already, yet they’re expanding. But I ain’t complaining! Read this for yourself -

For some reason it won’t paste, so I’ll post it later. Go to Onemilesatatatime to see the article.

I’ll edit this post to make it more detailed.


I thought Aliatalia was nearly bankrupt…

I’m no business expert but expanding when you’re about to go bust doesn’t seem like a great idea.


Where is your source

Be patient, it’s hard to put links if you are on mobile.


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