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As I continue to plan a trip to Malta, I am planning on stopping in Rome. As me and my family have several miles on Delta, I am looking on booking on Alitalia. I have heard it is another normal airline, but I also have heard other bad things from locals. Should I buy the tickets? What could I expect? What was your experience like? (Yes, I also asked about Ryanair in another topic)


Well it’s a lot better than RyanAir but Alitalia is a nice Airline (from what I’ve heard) that is going through a few internal issues currently!

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May I ask, like what?

Well they were close to bankruptcy and still are. Etihad is leading a turnaround of the airline but it doesn’t look too good.


Have nothing against the airline. I just know they are running out of what they have left

I heard their pasta tastes really good. Seats are good, crew are pretty nice.

But entertainment wise it is definitely lacking something.

FCO is really outdated as well as an airport.

Here is the SkyTrax Review on Alitalia:

The aircraft that you would probably be flying:

I love how they have a lower rating than RyanAir. They have a 5/10 overall, RyanAir has a 6/10 overall!

I can assure you their service is better, and the friendliness of the crew.

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Alitalia is amazing and I would take them any day (in fact, I’m taking them to Sicily later this year, also with Delta Miles). The food is delicious and the service is very good- definitely go with them.

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FCO is outdated?? When we layed over in Rome last year, te airport was very modern with chic fashion stores. Maybe they changed it since you were there?

Due to the financial situation, the worst case scenario (and I mean absolutely worst case) is that Alitalia goes out of business before your flight, which will simply rebooked as a Delta, KLM, or Air France flight. However, the likelihood of this happening is so low that you can basically rule out what I just said. Alitalia just will not die no matter what gets thrown at it- it has only had one year of profit in its entire existence- yet it still thrives.

My cousin flew on them twice and both times they lost his luggage. It was retrieved after a week or two, though. I also have a friend who flew with them, and they lost his luggage also. Based on what I’ve heard from friends/relatives, they’re pretty average.

Yea it seems like every airline Etihad invests in does horribly financially. (Alitalia, airberlin, etc.)


Depends on which terminal you’re on…

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I fly (and I flew often) with Alitalia when I come back to Italy and when I lived there. Honestly, fly with them. The crew is very friendly, the on-board service is similar to many others airlines like British airways or Lufthansa. You have to pay if you want something that’s not a small snack and a drink that is offered for free. The seat is where, Alitalia wins on other European major airlines: the seat is big, it has good recline and is very comfy. Flying from and to Rome is not as bad as someone has written above because since 2015, FCO is in a process of renewing of all the terminals. If you have any sort of frequent flyer status with Alitalia or their partners you have to visit “Casa Italia”, one of the many lounges of FCO: It’s the lounge of AZ and the food is A M A Z I N G. You can even order an Italian pizza baked right there in the lounge (don’t expect to order a Hawaiian pizza, they will kick off you from the lounge jk).

Fyi Alitalia will never goes out of business because is supported by the Italian government who has offered a “rescue plan” of 300 mln euros if Alitalia can’t sustain his own business. This plan is working since 2016 and AZ never asked to the Gov. to use this “Prestito ponte”, the rescue plan, because it’s running well. Yeah guys, Alitalia last year made a profit and same will do this year. When our government will be elected by the parliament Alitalia will go through a process, that has already started, to change the owner of the airline. Currently, the AZ’s manager have received 6 “letters” of intention by Lufthansa, by Cerberus, by Delta together with AF-KLM, by EasyJet, by WizzAir and by an Italian bank. After that the new government will start working they will choose what is the best offer. I’m sure that you can fly whenever you want with Alitalia, is safe. Remember that the bankruptcy process doesn’t work the same in very country of the world: It doesn’t work the “german way” or the “american way”, in Italy it takes longer for trying to save as much as they can of that company.
So, fly with them, you will have a nice experience overall.


There is always a first time, you can try Alitalia and taste Italy’s goods.

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