Alitalia (SkyTeam Livery) 777-200(ER) EI-DDH

Why should we have this livery?
With the B777-200(ER) update being around the corner, I figured out that I’d be appropriate to request this livery due to it’s uniqueness and how much I love the Skyteam livery. Nevertheless, it’s a great livery and I believe that we need more of theses special liveries, such as oneworld, skyteam, star alliance etc. We only have so little but we can add so much.

So what do you ladies and gentlemen think?

This is good!

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I’m bumping this. We just lost this airline, but the sim needs more Alitalia.


But this is the Alitalia Skyteam livery not ITA… ITA will have other aircrafts…

ITA is not a member of SkyTeam like Alitalia was. The fact ITA bought the Alitalia brand doesn’t mean they automatically are a replacement for AZ in the SkyTeam alliance.
Besides that, ITA will not take over any of the T7’s as they intend to be a Airbus-only company.

According to reuters, it’s still on a open negotiation regarding joining alliances and partnership.

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