Alitalia Rework (Consideration)

Hello everyone,
I wanted to discuss a topic about Alitalia.
I think it would be cool to have more Alitalia livery in IF as there is only the one for A321 and B777 even if the Alitalia’s fleet is wider.
In my opinion it’s right to give Alitalia the same importance IF gives to Air France and British Airways, so why not add a complete fleet of Alitalia aircraft like all the airbus fleet such as A320,A319 and the reworked A330?
Do you guys agree with me??!!

Hi there 👋🏻
It’s a great idea, but you can vote for them here :)

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I did it thank you for replying!!

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Definitely, we need more representation for not only Alitalia but other countries that have been neglected. The most we can do for now is to vote our support for topics like those linked above, keep up the voice; this massively contributes to getting a livery into our game. Thanks Goz!

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Whole Europe lacks so many liveries, and even major airlines like Lufthansa don’t have an A321 despite being a massive operator :(


Feel free to vote for any of the Alitalia liveries that have been linked above or as found in the #features category.