Alitalia recruitment event thoughts and pics

Hey there IFC! Here I am with a new post! Today I wanted to show you some photos of the Alitalia recruitment event! Unfortunatly we were in few people because noone cares about us but the event itself was fabulous!

Here are some pics:

I hope you enjoyed the post, if you are interested in our VA, you can contact me or @Fall_Etto or @Johannes_koelsch. There’s should be another event next week.




If you have recruitment problems I don’t think putting “because no one cares” in bold is going to help your case…


Calm down, mate. I’m sorry but it takes time to attract people to join. No matter if it’s a small pencil or a big airplane, it’s never an easy task to make people choose you. Add more things that people want and lure them in.

Patience and Hard work is the key.

…nice pictures, and good luck.


Photos should go either in your #live:events post or this thread:

Thoughts (and moans) on the event can go in your main event post as well. Thanks.