Alitalia re-starts service to Washington Dulles

Hey IFC,

Thought this was quite interesting that alitalia restarts service to Dulles even though the financial state their in, they manage to reopen a U.S. route for the first time in a while do you think this will be the start of reopening more terminated U.S. routes such as PHL,DTW,ATL etc? Please let me know what you think! happy landings- AZADAL ;)


Link to the article?

Cool info, can we have a article linked, thanks

There ya go;) sorry for not having it


Thanks you

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I just found out now and i check Alitalia routes all the time 😂 but the main question is do you think that they will re open other terminated US routes?

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I think it’s definitely a possibility, but you want to know what else is a possibility, it being shut down in not too long considering AZA is struggling

oh. my. god.

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Ah I don’t think so I’ve checked route maps, ATC , no flight has been tracked to Dulles by Alitalia since the route was terminated. It’s scheduled to start in May

It’s simply not possible for that to happen I believe that it was just a typo.

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I have to agree that it was just a typo


Very exciting see them restarting their service hopefully they can pull out of their final issue!

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Great, love to see new service to D.C. area airports!


Be sure to get a good picture of it and share it here ;) BEWARE DC the Italians are coming ;)


I cant find anything on when they terminated their routes

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