Alitalia might be taken over by Delta

Alitalia might be taken over by Delta:

Delta and Alitalia are Skyteam Members. It might be a smooth transition, and maybe jobs won’t be lost.

I wonder if Delta is a better choice than Lufthansa.

What do you guys think?

  • Yes
  • Maybe by Lufthansa
  • Maybe other airline
  • No

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I mean if Lufy takes them, they own someone else I can’t remember too, so they would be a huge deal… (not like they aren’t already)

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Here’s Wikipedia’s list of there subsidiaries, and it is long…

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I knew most of that, I just never knew about Swiss and Air Dolomiti.

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Well I for sure don’t want to see Alitalia go out of business because it would be unfortunate to see after me and my whole family use them to go back and forth to Italy through the years. I think that getting taken over by Delta or Lufthansa (either or) would get Alitalia at a good starting place by bringing them back hopefully out of bankruptcy, and start flying to new destinations, and maybe even get the airline some new long haul airlines like an A350, B787 etc. I hope that Alitalia workers don’t get laid off too. For now just gotta wait for confirmed news. 😕

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Unfortunately the few Alitalia fans (including me) face the truth of seeing an airline that might come to an end and it’s sad that something that we are so proud of has to go. Me personally it hits me hard and whatever happens if we have to wish them a farewell or if they survive I hope the best for everyone that contributed to this under rated airline that truly isn’t as bad as people think. Again I hope the best to all! | Alitalia per sempre ;) -AZA

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