Alitalia MD-11. FCO - LHR - FCO. FCO - MXP - FCO. Took 5 h 12 min

Alitalia MD-11 named “Vittorio Bellini” (I-DUPC).

Flight route: FCO/LIRF - LHR/EGLL - FCO/LIRF.
Flight route: FCO/LIRF - MXP/LIMC - FCO/LIRF.

Flight time: total 5 hours 12 minutes.

Casual Server.

Aeroporto Fiumicino Int’l Airport (FCO/LIRF).

Saint - Pierre, France.

London, United Kingdom (England). Landing at 27R Runway.

Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).

Valbois, France.

Realp, Switzerland.

Roma - Fiumicino Int’l Airport (FCO/LIRF).

Castano Primo, Italy.

Before 17L Runway Takeoff from Milan (MXP/LIMC), Lonate Pozzolo, Italy.

The final Landing at 16R Runway, Roma - Fiumicino Int’l Airport (FCO/LIRF).


LOVE EM!!! Nice work!

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Lovely flights! Glad you enjoyed Italy.


That livery is so legit .


Nice!But why T.5?

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I really like the scenery in the 6th picture.


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lol Just letting you know they use T.4 I think :)

@999aviation ”T.4” what do you mean?

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Terminal 4

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@999aviation Oh, I see. But it arrives at gate Terminal 5. And I am not about it the gate for international at T.4 or 5?

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oh. That makes sense

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