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Hey there,
I would like to talk about Alitalia.
Alitalia is the flag carrier of Italy. From its main hub Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (LIRF) and with its 96 destination it carries passengers all over the world.
With 83.2% of flights landed on time in 2018, Alitalia confirms its excellent operating performance resulting in the second company in Europe for punctuality and ranking eighth in the world rankings.

Confirming the excellent performance of its operations, in 2018 Alitalia ranked second in Europe also for the reliability of its flights, with a regularity rate of 99.1%.

The survey was disseminated by FlightStats, an authoritative independent US company, which draws up a monthly ranking of the world’s airlines for punctuality and regularity, or the number of flights made with respect to those planned.

FlighStats, in detecting the excellent operating performance of the Italian company in 2018, has awarded a certificate of excellence that attests to Alitalia’s position on the podium of the most efficient European carriers.
Alitalia has been in the SkyTeam Alliance since 2009. Has since arranged code - share agreements with SkyTeam members, allowing passengers to fly numerous destinations using a single Alitalia ticket.

It would be wonderful to see more Alitalia liveries in Infinite Flight such as the A319, A320, A330.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the topic.

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