Alitalia ERJ190 Livery

Words need not be spoken, why isn’t this in IF already?!


Credit: FL-HD Planespotting (YouTube)

I would vote, but im out of them. Its a very nice livery

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Yep I would vote to but I’m totally out of votes Hopefully it can be added

Personally I wouldn’t fly it, not because of look, but it has a very nice livery to it I must agree.

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I think the ERJ needs more liveries. It’s the only ERJ variant that I have. (But out of votes like most people)

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Very pretty livery. They are going bankrupt though…I definetly would have voted on it but I have 0 votes left :(

You can always remove an old vote 😉

Yeah I know I can but it is hard to decide which one :)

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It’s an beautiful bird sad that’s it’s not in the game already it’s many airlines that missing for the E-Jets