Alitalia Embraer ERJ-190

I absolutely love the Alitalia colors, and I like them even more on this plane! I think when there is a ERJ update this would be a great livery to have.

Not my photo, what do you guys think? [poll public=true]

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Amazing, one of the aircraft I see the most in Milan-Linate, a must have!

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I went on one of those from Rome to London city, great aircraft

That’s too short to be an E-190. I think the picture is a E-175 or E-170.

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This plane and livery are very nice.

I will check, thank you

I changed it, you were right

Pretty sure the E-175 and E-170 don’t have an emergency exit mid aircraft.

This is EI-RNE, a ERJ-190STD.

would be a great Addition in fact on the e190 are only 4 liveries

What a good looking and amazing livery

We definitely need this livery on embraers

I clicked on the wrong button, my opinion is: YES! I like it so much!

You know that you can change it, right?

Oh, it was a problem with the system