Alitalia Delivery (@ KOXC, August 1, 1230 Zulu)

I’d like to start an innovative kind of event. I’d like to have a whole slew of Boeing 777-200ER Alitalia aircrafts delivered from OXC-JFK. Just to tell you, it’s in the New York region.* The event will take place August 1. Check-in starts at 8:30 am and runway taxiing will take place at around 8:40, maybe 8:45 am. Just follow my lead, I’ll tell you about the takeoff runway 24 hours prior to the event and for landing, during the event. I’ll tell you about the server in a few days.

*Time zone is same as New York (GMT -4)


I try to make it!

Good for you! If anybody needs to know what time the event will be in their time zone, use a website such as to convert your time zone.

I should be able to make it! Happy to come! Oh and try to come to my event later in the day in SoCal.

By the way, let me tell you a few extra things, although far in advance. We can take off on the same runway one by one, once I start heading down the runway, the next guy goes, then once that person starts moving, next guy goes, one by one, but for safety reasons, we have to land in seperate runways. If more people than JFK runways are doing this event, some might have to do a go-around so that we don’t crash. I’ll be landing in the runway closest to the parking area, being revealed at last minute. Once I park, everybody else surrounds me, before going seperate ways. Talk more soon.

K then, talk to you later!

Just to remind you, this mission is taking place in nine days. Just in case you thought it was taking place soon.

Change of plans, you gotta fly Alitalia, and for every 4 people who join there can be one Delta.

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From now on, I’m going to give you updates about the delivery trip every day until the day before the big day. Today, I’m gonna tell you about the server. Since the New York region doesn’t have ATC, we’ll be using the Free Flight Server. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

P.S., the trip is in EIGHT days.

May I be the delta?

If so happens to be 4 people

Here’s today’s update. I’ve told you that as long as there are four Alitalias, there can be one Delta. I forgot what Delta airline you’d be flying if one more person joins besides Mike, but I’ll tell you about it. If two more people join, you can fly a Delta. Otherwise it’s a Boeing 777-200ER Alitalia.

P.S., the trip is in SEVEN days.

Mark me in

Now we have four Alitalias, (including me), so Mike can be Delta. Now if anybody else joins, we have extra planes for JFK to use to fly passengers to Rome. Nevertheless, if some of these people don’t check in, you might be Alitalia.

Today’s update is going to be on my alternate account beacuse the device with my regular account is flying my circumnavigational flight at the moment. I’m trying not to sound mean, but if you’re gonna be prepared, please make sure you check regularly for daily updates, and if I’m gonna change our departure time by a few minutes. Most importantly, please check more frequently prior to the event starting. I’ll also remind you to be on chat during the event, too. It’ll be my alt speaking during check-in and the event. Thank you. Just to be safe, I’m going to mention the names of each person who said they’d like to make it.


P.S., the trip is in SIX days.

I try to come ✈️🇮🇹

I will not be able to come sorry

Here’s today’s update. Nothing really, except I’m gonna try to host a circumnavigation race this Sunday at 7:15 pm EDT. Tomorrow will be another better update.

Today’s update is the plane issue. Now you don’t have to have an assigned aircraft & liverly. Now, out of these three choices, you can pick which aircraft & liverly you want. A Boeing 777-200ER Alitalia liverly, a Boeing 777-300ER American liverly, or a Boeing 767-300 Delta liverly. I’ll post the example pictures below.


Not much for today’s update. Just a few things that I’ll remind you about on Friday. My callsign is N52MX, and I’m picking the Alitalia choice.

The trip is in THREE days.

Today’s update is big, because the event is in TWO days (1.5 days). We don’t have to fly in formation, but we’ll get assigned runways at JFK before we taxi. I’ll be on at 8:25 am, but we’ll be leaving on time. You need to ask me if you can enter because the only parking at OXC is at runways, so you need to park in the waiting roads leading to the runway once you spawn at runway 18. We will be taking off at that runway, rain or shine. More information tomorrow.