Alitalia CityLiner ERJ-190

Alitalia ERJ-190 Feature request

Hello IFC, today I am requesting the beautiful Alitalia ERJ-190.

Alitalia CityLiner currently have 5 ERJ190 aircraft, which serve big cities such as London, Athens, Madrid and Munich! I think this would be a great addition to IF as it would increase the popularity of not only European regional flights, but also all around Italy out of Alitalia CityLiner’s two main hubs - Milan Linate (LIML) and Rome Fiumicino (LIRF).

More CityLiner destinations can be found here: List of Alitalia CityLiner destinations - Wikipedia

Here is a picture of the aircraft I am requesting at London City Airport!

I am hopeful that this livery can be added, as there is a lack of ERJ family liveries in IF

Thank you for reading, and I hope one day to see this in the skies!

I believe it operates at EHAM
Maybe I’ll clear up a vote for it :)


Yes, it does! Your vote would be much much appreciated 😊

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Here is a picture of the beauty landing in Bern


Where would you fly this aircraft if it was added?

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I love this aircraft I flew it from Rome to Catania I did fall asleep that flight but it was a fun flight. I hope it gets added!


Hold your horses people, you guys should vote for the revamp of the ERJ first ——> Embraer E-jets Rework - #535 by anon79257371

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Of course, and I have voted for it :)

This feature request has been made so that when the E-Jets are reworked, there is a possibility that we get this livery.

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You should put your livery suggestion there

I have done that too, however I don’t want to flood it, as the request is for an ERJ rework - not an Alitalia E190 request. If people want the Alitalia ERJ then they will vote here :)

Little bump! Please vote for this beauty people, would unlock so many beautiful destinations not just in Italy but all around Europe!


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Imma just give this a MASSIVE bump

Ooh nice I might vote for this (the trouble is deciding which thing I’ve voted on to trade it for)

Im about to dump some other votes, if there was ever a time to vote for this topic, its now!

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Bumping this topic! Hope to see this in the E Jets update!