Alitalia Cityliner E175

With the E175 rework I thought this livery would be a nice addition.

About Alitalia:

Credit for photo:

What a lovely livery on the E190 just outstanding I’m putting my vote on it

Isn’t Alitalia Bankrupt So IDK about this livery but you have my vote

They have liverys from Out of business airlines. A lot of the older planes rely on them using airlines that don’t exist anymore.

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Ok thanks for the info @Comif

This is technically a duplicate topic (Original AZ E75)

Since its an older topic i guess we could transfer to this one, but ill leave that decision to moderators

Id love too see this livery on the E75, especially since i flew on the plane many times! I think its a great livery which suits the plane nicely, and we could also now fly it to many European airports which were E75 destinations, and are now 3D!

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