Alitalia Begins Flights to Washington Dulles Airport


Yesterday at 1:30 PM, Alitalia flight 618 arrived at IAD for the first time. This is the first of a year round service from Rome to Washington, operating on 5 days of the week. Passengers will get to enjoy a unique dining experience aboard the flight.

Why is it important?

According to Jack Potter, president and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority: "Alitalia’s newly announced year-round service to Rome further enhances the connectivity and choice available for business travelers and tourists on both sides of the Atlantic.”

According to “Dulles International will become Alitalia’s sixth passenger service gateway in the United States.”

This route is very exciting for me and many others because now, the US east coast is even better connected to Italy. Italy is a place that many have wanted to visit now, and now, those from Washington can visit Italy without stops.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this exciting news!


Sounds yummy - nothing like airplane Italian food!


@baseball_inferno how exciting is this!!!

I think it’s a poor decision. The inaugural flight and really bad weather caused over 30 diversions of aircraft inbound to Dulles. This will make the traffic too great, possibly delaying many flights, domestic and international, to be late or divert.

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How would the flight exactly cause aircraft to arrive later than their scheduled arrival time, or to divert? The flights that diverted did so most likely due to weather

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There was an event hosted by Dulles that involved 10-20 people to go on the grounds of the airport, and on the runway. They had the water cannon salute that meant that emergency vehicles wouldn’t get to a crash site on time from the weather, due to a lack of many emergency vehicles.

Take this to PM guys

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I love Alitalia, but it seems as though management is saying:

“Ok, we’re bankrupt and might be going under soon, but let’s do everything we can to spend more money”

They even purchased a new 777-300ER a couple months back, which isn’t the usual move for an airline with no money.

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