Alitalia B777-200ER livery fix

Hey there!
I’m here to report an error on the Alitalia livery we have in the B772.
In IF, we have the Alitalia B772 in the really old painting and actually there are IRL but the EI-DBK (that’s the registration we have got in IF) has the actual livery:

Source: EI-DBK Alitalia Boeing 777-243ER Photo by Gianluca Mantellini | ID 1006818 |

So, this problem has two solution, one good and one so so:

  1. Completely change the livery and finally get the actual livery (I can’t call “new livery” since it has 5 years now…) best choice possible and wished by all the Italian IF community
  2. Change registration like EI-ISD (not good, see point 1 above pleaseee)

Thank you all.


The fact that it’s the older variant is not an issue.
Feel free to utilize #features