Alitalia above Lake Garda

With Alitalia and all their struggles, I decided to honor the great airline with this picture above Lake Garda of Italy.

Route: LIPX - LIPX
Server: Solo
Flight time: 15 minutes


The angles and turns looked so cool which make this perfection

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@GameBoy_KIRB Thank you so much! Appreciated ☺️

The mountains, the plane, the lake, everything is amazing!

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@Alexian61 Thank you so much! Means a lot :)

Should be going here with my entire school year (grade to y’all Mericans) next year

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This livery is stunning, the pic also!!;)

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I have been there many times myself, it’s a gem :)


Thank you 😊

Me too! Lovely place 4 holiday! But this is off topic i think lol

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@MetZone It’s truly a great place.

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