Alitalia A330-200 (2015 Livery)

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Stunning livery on this plane 😍

This is the most beautiful livery in the A330!

Bumping this livery because it’s so nice… And I have a model of it

I really hope they add this livery in global! It would be great because Alitalia does must of their long flights with the A330

Bumping this livery up. Recently flew on the Alitalia A330 with the new livery in early June and it is a beautiful livery that I hope will come in a future A330 rework. Bellissimo!

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I recommend that you say 2015 livery as people might think it’s an old livery I recommend that you put Alitalia A330-200 new livery 😉

I agree that sounds good. I really hope the Alitalia new livery on the A330 is added in a future rework, than the old one. The new one is so much better lol.

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I know right! The old one is so bland

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I would really want to see this livery in IF

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Well, it looks cool anyways. I’d love to see one too some time!