Alitalia a320 signature livery

Hey IFC! You know what would be cool! (Again) 😂 The Alitalia A320 signature livery!

[ sources in photo ]

Why this would be a great addition to IF :

As some of you may know when Alitalia re-launched operations they had all the staff write a small message and it was painted on an Alitalia a320 new livery. As Alitalia only has 4 aircraft in IF 2 historic and 2 current aircraft none in the new livery. This has been long awaited by some (myself included) so obviously any vote is extremely appreciated! Thanks for reading and happy landings! - AZADAL

It’s unfortunate that this didn’t make it into the A320 family rework…

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No it did not but there is still hope thanks for your attention!

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I see a lot of views on this topic that’s for taking a look! 👍👍

I don’t think it will happen solely becuais it would be darn near impossible to find what each and ecery message says, and then transfer it to a livery in IF…

Good point however ideally in my perspective the only thing that needs to fully readable is the logo thanks for your attention!

Alright guys I’ll go 30 more mins if nothing I’ll change to the Alitalia A320 New livery only thanks for your attention 🙂

I already got one of my topics closed today so hopefully this will be different 👍

Well, I have my doubts if it really is a duplicate topic, but the photo of this topic better exposes certain details of the livery; however, the other topic is older and contains more votes.

I’ll just leave it as is I have a feeling this livery is possible to be in IF and hopefully with some luck I’ll get some votes hopefully…

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Leave it as it is. Soon a moderator analyzes; if he concludes that they are different liveries, his topic will continue.

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this post concerns the Livrea with the dedications of the employees. this is a unique livery throughout the aviation world. it can not be considered a duplicate


Let’s say this livery gets votes; It will be kind of complicated to create it, right?

I’m not FDS but I mean I’m sure it won’t be impossible it’s a beautiful liver and some of you have been patiently waiting for the new Alitalia livery.

Certainly it is a beautiful livery, and I would really like to see the end result of this livery, being quite unusual is quite creative.