Alitalia 777-300ER livery

Hey IFC! You know what will be a really cool livery? The Alitalia 777-300ER! image

source : Airways Magazine

Why this will be a great addition to IF :
For some (myself included) as soon as Alitalia released the new livery we just had to have it in IF as we have 4 current Alitalia livery’s in IF 2 historic 2 current but in the old livery it would be highly appreciated if we could have a new fresh livery!

With out further ado any vote is obviously highly appreciated thanks for reading!

The picture shows a 777-200. Please also provide a source for your image, unless you took it yourself.

Omg I’m sorry I forgot I will add right now

If we see a 777 rework, I bet this could be one of the liveries that appear.
I would definitely vote for this, but there’s just so many liveries and feature requests out there, and at the moment, this one doesn’t seem to reach the top of my list. Maybe I’ll vote for the 777 rework, and then we might see this livery come to IF if the 777 gets reworked.
How long has Alitalia had their 777-300ers for?
(By the way, I like the picture you chose. :D)

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Hi! First off thanks for your attention it’s appreciated! And they only have 1 777-300ER and they got it fairly recently!

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I’m sorry… this is my first time posting