Alitalia 772ER - Rome to Chicago

Yesterday, I flew I flight from Rome to Chicago. The Alitalia livery is incredibly beautiful so I couldn’t resist to take some screenies. Anyways, here are there are. Enjoy.


Server: ES
Flight Time: 10:51
Aircraft: Alitalia 772ER

1- Parked at gate with a United 77W heading to Heathrow (!?)

2- First Officer Laura making a quick engine inspection pre-flight

3- Meanwhile, Captain Fred is checking @Pilot_Felix’s tutorial to see what runway we should land on @ KORD.

4- Fast forward to I-SUCK rotating out of LIRF.

5- Leaving the Irish Coast ☘️

6- Cruising over the Atlantic

7- On our descent into O’Hare.

8- Short final runway 28C, had a (not) buttery landing but right on TZ.

Well, that’s it. I hope you liked them. Feedback is extremely appreciated!

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Stay Safe!


Great shots!

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Thanks mate!

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Loved those Pictures! How was the flight?

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Thank you! It was all very smooth actually, and it was daytime all flight so got some nice views.

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Super cool shots! Thanks for the share 🤩

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Thanks and you’re welcome!

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Great shots Tunes!

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Thanks Ethan!

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Amazing photos I love the Alitalia Livery so much 🙌🏼

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Me too! Thanks, glad you liked them!

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Great photos! Loved 8!

3 was better though, thanks for using my tutorial!

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Glad you liked them mate! 8 is a very green one!
But ofc nothing can beat 3

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Little bump.

Nice Job!!!

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Thank you mate!

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