Aligned on final?

I was just thinking about how you guys align to the runway while aproaching, (HUD), but also how you make the go araound manuever, thanks for hand. Good day.

I don’t understand what you really mean…

But here is a great tutorial on how your preform a go-around


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I use the FPV (Flight Path Vector) in the HUD to align.


Select the runway in the HUD, and center the CDI (course deviation indicator) for the localizer [centerline or selected runway] in the middle on the heading circle:

If the line is to the left of that center, you are to the right of the centerline and need to move left. If it’s to the right, you’re to the left and need to move right.

(I just hopped in on solo, for any wondering why I’m not trimmed or set up properly pitch-wise, etc.)


The video helped me to perfom go araund`s manuever, thank you for the support.

thank you it helped much

I use the localizer and glideslope, like Tim said.


@Maxmustang…any thoughts? 😉

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@toni_sitges… MaxSez: On IF, “Fly the Ball”, (the flight vector).
( An approach may not normally be continued unless the runway visual range (RVR) is above the specified minimum. When an approach is flown, the pilot follows the ILS guidance until the [decision height]. One goes visual at DH in VMC. “Go Around” on IF (No plate which provides procedure)
Call “ Missed” then Straight Out from DH TOGO to 050 turning to avoid parallel rway Flt path. IFATC will vector for re-enters or go alternate with “Departure (Direction) Call. Training Server same procedure No calls.



(FPV)Flight Path Vector ,and the small monitor on cockpit view are my guide to GPS/ILS :)


Usually when i try to get aligned I use everything I can, FPV, ILS systems, metar to check wind and stuff and my own eyes :)

@George_Anastasis dont know what he means
Also @George_Anastasis Here is a method on how to go around!! :)

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There was 2 questions in one?

Okay then…I mean do you also have to critisze me ?


It was not meant as criticism, it was meant as a joke/meme :)


@Maxmustang it helped a lot,thanks.

If you have set a route to a waypoint on the runway a green box appears on the HUD and you can follow that in. Make sure the box is in the middle of your HUD

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