Aliens and Heavies @ KLAS

More topics from me, hello all!

I was able to spot some rare aircraft and the inaugural welcome back service of American Airline’s 787-8 from Dallas. And lots of government and alien related aircraft!

Today, aircraft were using the 1s so it made my life easier as first, I did not have to drive an extra mile to my spot, and two, I have more access to locations.

The first arrival was the 737-700 United Airlines from Chicago. This is the only time i’ve seen a UAL 737-700 arrive into Vegas so this was a small surprise!

Next was AirMed’s C90A King Air from San Bernadino.

Here is some random company’s Gulfstream IV

One of the Seven Janet 737-600s to arrive from Area 51 / Tonopah

A classic 737-400 named “Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation Aircraft” from Willow Run Airport in Detroit.

One of MGM Hotel and Resort’s golden Embraer 550s! This one arrives from Reno.

American Airline’s first 788 to be sent to Vegas in 6 months! This one makes an arrival from Dallas. Plus that Beacon Shot 🤟

UPS’s Heavy A300 from Louisville. Usually, this bad boy arrives early in the morning and departs at evening but it had been delayed 8 hours!

To finish this topic, here is Janet’s small Beechcraft 1900C arriving from Palmdale.


Beautiful photos!



Nice photos man!


Well boys, we did it. We found the aliens from Area 51. 😛

Awesome photos, @Kamryn!

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