Alice Springs Airport becomes an airplane graveyard

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This thing that I’ll be talking about in this topic today has been around for a few months and I’ve never seen anybody talk about this topic on the IFC, so I decided to go ahead and tell everybody about this airplane graveyard.

2 months ago Alice Springs Airport became an airplane graveyard even as a regional airport with their biggest runway being only 8,000ft long it was able to house 2 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380’s and B777’s with a ton of other aircraft being parked there even though Alice Springs Airport has only 21 parking spaces! Plane spotters from around the airport gather to watch the A380’s land, and I think everybody here would’ve wanted to be there as well! :)

If you would like more detail on this subject click the picture down below. :)

7News Australia


Interesting. Maybe I’ll fly there in IF to get a feel for it.


Curious how there aren’t tons of parts to salvage before letting it just rot there… sad, really. Thanks for the info!


I flew into Alice Springs the other day and it was such a nice place! I think I might do one of the SQ A380 storage flights in IF. Thanks for the information :) Just one little thing, would any1 know what the flight number was for the storage flights? Cheers :)

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Last week Singapore sent two more A380s to Alice Springs, now there’s 6 sitting there.

SQ8865 was one of them.


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