ALIAS: the future of Aviation?

Very interesting clip in the ALIAS system that just flew a 737 and landed it in a controlled environment.

What is your opinion on this?

Will it make air travel safer?

Did you know this has already been implemented on several smaller aircraft?

In my opinion this is a great asset to have as you want to make your life easier. However I firmly believe we should always have at least two professionals on board monitoring the situation.

Interesting to say the least! Let me know what your opinion is in the comments below.

More in depth information on this awesome feature:


Technology and automation is good but an error can always happen. Hunan beings have the ability to deduce and solve a scenario. That’s why a human flying the plane is a terrific idea.


I’ve worked on jobs where machines will fail, computers will crash, and even humans err. We need some level of automation but not FULL automation in my opinion.


Even in large factories, robots are usually many but there is always someone supervising in case a robot malfunctions.


Agreed, most of crashes are due to pilot error which ignored the warnings from computer so maybe ALIAS should be added as co-pilot. ALIAS could be programmed to raise concern when it don’t agree with human pilot’s decision. I’m not so sure about programming it to override pilot’s decision if it find human pilot’s decision to be unsafe since computer can get bugs/glitches like with QF72 on Airbus A330.


Murphy’s Law dictates that if it can go wrong, it will. So having “safety nets” in case of an accident will be essential.


Nice idea but the problem with us human beings is that we tend to over reason. A robot would be nice in the cockpit as long as there are human beings supervising it.

Yeah that’s why I believe that ALIAS should be able to argue with human beings about their decision if it believes to be unsafe. However, I’m not sure about drawing a line where ALIAS can override actions itself except maybe when it believes pilots are going to commit a suicide. Airline ground center could tell ALIAS to override when passengers are believed to be in danger.

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No. No. And no. I hope will this will never happen and I really hope that the aviation community is smart enough to stop this from happening.


Really unnecessary…

The majority of scientists say that AI will never be able to fly a jet on its own and get the trust of passengers.

There should always be two pilots in the cockpit flying, navigating and monitoring the aircraft functions…


I will not bend a knee on a seat of any aircraft that has this, humans do not have system crashes, robots and electronics do

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I don’t want ALIAS to be pilot of entire plane to itself, just have it as copilot will do. Human being and computer can cover each other’s flaws and provide more safe experience for passengers.

ill stick to my skills as a pilot before i let a robot fly the plane.


heart attacks and strokes kiddo


Not to mention couple of deaths while on flight.

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And the plethora of debilitating possible emergencies that could incapacitate a human that far outnumber the likelihood of a system crash, and pilots only have 1/2 redundancies whereas a computer has far more

Yeah I know but, Just pilots, please just keep pilots👨🏻‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️

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They can’t even perfect self-driving cars yet. That’s my two cents.


Put a topic like that in IFC is like asking at Airbus :

Airbus or Boeing?

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I agree, but one must also see that technology like this can be implemented for other uses in aviation, maybe use this as an emergency where maybe all cabin passed out and didnt respond to tower?

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