Alfonso22 ATC Tracking Thread, Closed

Welcome to My tracking Thread!
This thread is for feedback and when to know when I’m doing ATC!
In my road to IFATC


Were you at mdw I was Delta 20 B763


Thanks for following Instructions


Open at WIDD right now, feedback appreciated!

jumping in!


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Going to be jumping TnG’s between WIDD and WSSS

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Closed Right now, Feedback would be appreciated!

:( never got back around to get a landing. Have a line of planes heading that way now. this should be fun on unicom ha


Not sure who jumped on ATC at WIDD, but they need to get a touch up on directions and how to get planes sequenced :( have had to go around twice with nothing in front of me.

Edit, and now switching runways with 2 inbounds on final…

so much for touch and go’s

Fort Lauderdale is open right now

¡! Closed ¡!

Very good atc! Sorry for the pitiful piloting…

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I’ve just joined but you closed, I can only say one thing.
I requested Pushback and you told me “Pushback approved” without any “Expect Runway XX”, in that case you should have told me: “Pushback approved, expect runway 10R” because I didn’t know what runway you were using. :)

I said 10R because it was the nearest green to me

I realized that Thx for the feed back!

I chose a paid region since I figured out that Nimrods just play in free regions I.e. Socal


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London-Gatwick now Closed!

I’m one of those “nimrods” currently :( will upgrade to Live+ at the end of my current subscription

KFLL Open Now!

Now Closed!

Southwest Florida International KRSW


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