alexNine99's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSMF


  • Airport: KSMF
  • Frequencies: ground/tower
  • Runway usage:
    • Departing runways 17L and 17R.
    • Landing runways 17L and 17R.


  • No light aircraft (cause I don’t want jets to have to do 360’s for spacing all the time)

Currently working on…

Pattern work.


Tag me when you open

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@Yukiros_31 I’m open.

Hmm, you read my feedback?

Yes. Thank you by the way.

Oh. Looks like I gotta eat lunch… I’ll see if I can open later.

currently 10PM here so I won’t be able to come later, have a good lunch

Lol. Next time.

Let me know when you open again. I’d be happy to help out!

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I’ll open once I know there will be at least 2 people.

@JetSuperior5192 I’m open.

Feel free to tag me when you open next, I’ll try and stop by :)

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I just joined under Fedex 542VG. Would like to run some pattern work if that is ok.

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Can you tell what plane G-RICK is in? It’s say unknown on my end.

No it’s not showing on my screen just his icon, but it shows a light aircraft I believe.

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Yes, but that’s the default icon…

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Hello! Here is a little feedback G-RICK

• Nice initial pattern entry
• Nice clearance and traffic direction
• Since I was staying in the pattern and you already gave me a traffic direction on my inbound, a second was not necessary.
• Nice job on the runway change and there a traffic direction was needed since I switched runways
• No runway exit command. Try between 60-80kts
• nice controlling and looking forward to welcoming you to the team.

P.s. I was not in a light aircraft


Ah yes I light aircraft going 180 kts…

Thanks for the feedback.


@Andy_Garrett You’re actually number 1 now. Would I give another clearance for this or-?

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No that is fine.

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