Alexian61's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by! I recently applied for IFATC and passed my written exam, and I’m currently looking to practice my ATC skills before taking the practical test. I would appreciate it if you could come and do a few patterns to help me in that. I would also appreciate any feedback, negative or positive.

Status: Closed
Server: Training
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Runways in use:


are you still open?

Yes, I am still opened

i’ll take a pop by in 5 minutes :)

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Feedback from G-RYAN

  • Perfect transition alt.
  • got the RWY change perfect.
  • As soon as you seen i was departing the airspace you told me i could change frequency ( Although you can wait, it’s easier to get me cleared earlier! )

Only thing i would say is

  • Exit runway command was a little late, not a big deal though!

Better late than never!

Have a nice day!

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Damascus Intl is now closed. Thanks @RyanR for the feedback!

All good, Hope to see you in the IFATC server soon :)

Tag me when you open next time 😎

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Now open at UBBB if anyone would like to come.


Ok, Im coming now!


Thanks for the service and patterns today, here is this session’s feedback:

  1. On my runway chance on upwind, there was a situation which I could conflict with the departing aircraft on the 34. You send me a correct pattern entry, however, you weren’t totally aware that I could conflict with the departing aircraft when turning crosswind.

Usually, to solve these Kind of conflicts with runway change, we use a “Extend Upwind” command, then a pattern entry to the requested runway. But in this case, the aircraft was going straight out for some miles, and my pattern would be long.

What you could do in that case? Tell me to “Right Downwind 34” to avoid the aircraft.

  1. NeperQiell had a slighty late Go Around instruction, anyways. Better catch it late than don’t.

Overall, solid session today! You were proactive and you have the basics. :)


Waa that’s one detailed explanation! Thanks a lot!

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Baku Intl is now closed. Thanks everyone for coming!

Buenos Aires SAEZ Open
Runways in use: 35 and 29

How long will you stay open?

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Until at least a single person comes

Good job today. I loved the anticipated runway crossing and the conflict with TI-FAL, handled nicely. Thanks for the service!

Time to open some airports with parallels ;)

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Thanks for the positive feedback!
Ministro Pistarini Intl is now closed.

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Hello, here is my feedback [TI-FAL]


  • ground conflict was good

(Tower Pattern)

  • Sequence and clearance was good
  • pattern entry was good too, but i would prefer make left traffic for 35 because it will make a head to head air colission with aircraft pattern on runway 29

See image below :

Orange = Pattern runwy 29
Green = recommended pattern traffic direction
Red = original pattern traffic direction

  • Exit runway was good

Thats all from me, can’t wait to see you at IFATC :). Have a good day!


KLCK is now open with 05R and 05L in use.
Edit: Closed