Alexander Schleicher K7 "Röhnadler"

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Welcome to the Alexander Schleicher K7 glider.

It’s a German glider which had its maiden flight in 1956 and was built until 1966, in total 511 units were built. Most of them are possibly homemade.

The K7 was used as an schooling plane, until it was retired by the ASK 13 and ASK 21.

Today many K7 are still air worthy and are being owned by many people because of its low price and the possibility of an easy repair.

Credits: Schleicher K 7 – Wikipedia

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I don’t know if there would be a point. Maybe there could be an air tug to pull it up, but not sure if this would be made.

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Good point. Because the x Cub is an STOL plane (short takeoff or landing) the xcub could be used as a tug plane because STOL or bush planes are used to tug in real life.

The AI xCub could go up to 80 knots to an altitude of 15000 with 1000 FPM and thee should be a action which is called “break/cut rope” where the tug plane rope is cut and the glider flies on its own

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It’s an interesting feature for sure and I kinda like it.
Maybe you could even set your start altitude and location before flying…

I think that would get rid of the tow aircraft (how would that even work being a single player)?

Anyway, don’t forget to vote on your own feature


It could be like a mission where you land or do some tricks?

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