Alexander_Nikitin's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

As school is over, i sometimes i have too many free time. I also became interested in infinite flight again, so i thought to repeat the treads i made last year.

Current status: OFFLINE


What server?

I’m practicing to be IFATC, but for now i’m at TS1

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Ok I’ll spwan in.

I’m the F22. Going to just fly around

I’m Coming By!

What Would You Like To Work On?

Oh, anything basicly

Did you see that? Got ghosted for whatever glitch happened there

I’ll try to join in a minute? Can you suggest an aircraft for pattern work? I’m out of ideas.

*Just sorting my new VA I joined.

Didn’t really catch all of that, but i’ve seen you doing more than 250 kts bellow FL100, so the violation can come from that. Also congrats with the new avatar

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Thanks! Ya I was just having fun. My bad. Would you prefer me not to?

If you are fine with the violations, then just don’t interfear with inbound/outbound traffic. But i would rather want everyone to follow the rules.

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What would be a suitable aircraft to use (in your opinion) for pattern work?

I think any GA aircraft or commercial with factory/manufacturer livery. I think pilot testing scenario won’t be suitable in Schiphol due to it’s cost

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Yeah. I spawned in a Cessna 208 because there was a GA area. I spawned and left the game, I went back in the game and it took a minute to re connect.

Closed 5 minutes early because of some connection wizardy

I was the Cessna 172

Something happened. Idk everyone disappeared

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I was literally just about to compliment that AC 787 then he left wtf