Alexander_Nikitin's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ whatever, I've passed

Oh boy, here we go again


I want to join IFATC because ATIS is cool and training server is a mess. I’m currently preparing for my written test, because previously I’ve always missed the threshold by a few points. Okay forget that I’ve passed written. Also practical is this in less than 24 hours. got’em
Would love to hear your feedback.
(Please keep in mind that it is training, so sometimes compromises should be made because of some users thinking ATCs are stand-up comics or something)


Hey, I’m in a similar position to you but I’m preparing for the practical and undergoing training. I’ll be sure to stop by, but from my experience in my own tracking thread it’s best to avoid “hotspots” such as OMDB as there may be trolls there who don’t follow your instructions or disrupt your other pilots.

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Totally agree, but at the same time it ain’t that good of a training if you have 1 plane an hour :)
In Dubai I just look for red flags like A380 and try to give pushback instructions without runaways

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This should help you prepare for your written and practical exams:

Finishing early because I started to get this bug where all the airplanes suddenly disappear.

follow this to fix up ur title :)


Have read this a lot along with the youtube tutorials

Once you pass your test be sure to sign up with a trainer - they are extremely helpful and the sessions are similar to the practical test.

Feedback for today: I only saw your groundwork which was good and good use of “give way to traffic exiting runway 30L”

I won’t say I was that good with ground special commands. 2 private jets went one into another because I hadn’t used give way commands for so long, that I was searching for it in the progressive taxi tab.

Ah I didn’t see that, but for me you were good. Next time try opening up a smaller airport with parallel runways e.g. LFBO, PGUM etc so you just get IFC members who will listen to you and provide feedback, and you still get the relevant experience of pattern work and switching runways etc. It is tedious to sit there waiting but if you open up and wait for half an hour or so you’ll be sure to attract IFC members

Tower & ground @ EGLC

Popped into tower and ground at London City. Would love to enjoy the calmness near the TS1 #1 hell spot with someone from here. You can get the charts by clicking on EGLC

I will come

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ugh the A320

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The question with people like that is do ignore them or do you act like they are also “play by the rules”. But hey, at least the B752 I told is too big for the airport despawned

Oh boy, the guy with the callsign FISCHI8 is definately a troll.

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I think you did very well, used your commands well, and know-how ATC works. My only critique is you do not have to tell me which direction to go after the option unless there is traffic… well I guess there was that is just a suggestion. Finally, I shouldn’t call inbound you should just tell me to enter downwind then clear me for the option/landing. Other than that you did great and I am confident you will be an IFATC controller. I took the test and practical if you need someone to study with shoot me a PM I can help.

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Just a suggestion, EGLC is not an ideal airport to open for practice. It’s difficult due to the fact you really need to watch separation because back taxiing is required. Furthermore, one of the main elements of your practical test is runway changes. Obviously this is not possible at a single-runway airport. I suggest somewhere with just 2 parallel runways and not as big as EGLC to attract less trolls.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by there is traffic, but you may want to double check your facts. Traffic direction when clearing for the option is only required after a runway change or for inbounds who enter the pattern.

This is best left to the IFATC Trainer to make sure everything’s 100% correct and up-to-date :)

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I am talking about any near traffic. The controller does not have to give me right/left traffic after option unless there is any near traffic or the airport has a mountain etc. near

I am just trying to help. I took the test passed it and was unable to complete the practical.

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Thats true, first of all, EGLC is so close to the troll factory…

Then, if you are using runway 09, you will have to maintain extra separation issuing some “extend downwind” or “I will call your base” to ensure aircraft can back taxi successfully.

@Alexander_Nikitin If you want to really practice on back-taxiing, suggest opening other airports such as TNCM…


The bigger problem here was not the trolls and people flying to Heathrow tuning into EGLC tower and asking to land at runaway 27. Heck, eben IF puts EGLL tower and ground above EGLC tower on EGLC ground frequency.

I agree that they might have been not that needed, but I’ve given you right traffic instructions because there was a lot of planes coming into Heathrow at that time, and considering that Heathrow is such a mess, there was a chance that there will be someone flying dangerously close to you.