Alex_Kraz's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello IFC. 👋
Since my other “Tracking thread” was closed, I’ll create a new one.

Current status (TS): Closed.

*Runway(s) in use: unknown.

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I am sorry to say I cant come by, but for sure tag me when needed!

Hope you achieve your goal Soon

(I will come to your patterns in a Volotea A319)

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Thank you very much @BinaryChess!

More thanks!👍

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ATC now closed, thanks for joining!

Hey Alex, here’s a little feedback.
When flying patterns and initially you give take-off clearance with the direction of the pattern, you don’t have to repeat the direction of the pattern every time you clear for the option. Also with a go-around(make left/right traffic) you just clear me for the option without repeating the direction of the pattern.
Be aware that you give a clearance to land or for the option after the go-around. Otherwise as a pilot we cannot land.
When I asked the rwy change you gave me instantly a clearance for the option. Always give a pattern entry, sequence when necessary and clear for the option/land and initially the direction of the new pattern. Afterwards just clear for the option without the direction.
When I see the chance I hop in next time when you’re controlling.
Cheers Stef (oo-lxv)


Hey Stef, thanks for your feedback.
In an another session, I’ll try to do better.
Have a good day / night. 👍

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Now opened at LFBD.

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Hello there!
I was M-01 just now.

Here’s my feedback for you:

  1. I was on-guarded by you when I was outside of your airspace (6500ft MSL), which should not have been the case.
    All tower airspaces in Infinite Flight extend to 5000ft AAL, which would have been at most 5166ft MSL for LFBD.

  2. Your transition altitude of 5000ft MSL was way too high for your airspace. Your airspace extends only to 5166 ft MSL, which is pointless to give transition <200ft below your ceiling.
    A good transition for LFBD would be about 3000ft MSL (+2500ft AAL).

  3. Beautiful pattern entry when I called inbound! However, right downwind for 23 would have been better as my plane is one that turns very very very slowly.

  4. On my first landing, I never received a clearance to land.

  5. My runway exit command was poorly judged, as I could not slow down in time to exit right.

One thing though, you closed exactly at the half an hour mark, which is not enough to get traffic coming.
When I respawned with a different aircraft, I was going to continue a few more patterns but you went off.
You should aim to stay open longer in future.


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Hey! You still open?

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Hey everyone.

Sorry @MarkONE and others for closing too fast, but I had to eat.

@BinaryChess, no it’s closed.
@MarkONE, thank you for your feedback, but.

You never called "xxx is on “final” (for example) runway “xx”.

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Actually its your responsibility to clear as soon as you somehow assure you will not have to further re-sequence the aircraft. You shouldn’t wait until the aircraft reports his position as you are supposed to have positive control over him and his position.

For local traffic (pattern work), its widely encouraged you clear an aircraft during crosswind or early downwind.

Tag me when open another time!

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It sounds like you might find helpful to revise.

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