Alex_Kraz_2's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

I will join now, if it gets active I’ll be APPR and DEPT

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Tower and Ground are opened, join now.☺

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If you’re in the airport, please follow the noise abatement procedure:

Noise abatement procedure:

  • Take off runway 3: (turn immediately right or left to avoid flying over Nantes)
  • Landing runway 3

ATC is now close.

Thanks for all the joins !

Hey I was N858TB and flew two patterns with you. I would recommend you heading over to tutorials and read ATC manual or look att the tutorial videos on youtube. Start with learning some basics like the different legs in a pattern also sequence and clearance.

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What are my mistakes ?

Well first of all, Zulu was on final when you cleared me for take-off and he was not sent around and therefore caused a crash on the runway. In the air, neither me or Zulu was given a sequence (which tells us who we are following) and we had to report our position to get a clearance to land which is often given by the controller to the pilot while on downwind.

As stated above, look at some tutorials and you will realize on what to improve on.

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