Alex en-US sounds exactly like Samantha en-US

Hey guys,

I was recently choosing my ATC voice for my next flight, and dot my surprise, Alex sounds like Samantha, is this a glitch for me only?

Everyone else sounds different, it’s only these 2.

Just noticed this too! Not sure why

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Hmm weird, look’s like Alex’s slacking on duty.

Maybe he decided to change his name🤷‍♂️

When I installed Infinite Flight on my second device (iPad mini), I had to install Alex en-US for it to show amongst the options of voices I could select.

In your case, maybe:

  • you didn’t install Alex en-US on your device, in which case his voice becomes the default voice you selected in your settings,
  • or there’s a bug with your device and you should try removing it (which way? idk) and re-install it,
  • and/or simply restart your device.

Tell me if the tips work!

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