Alerting message to the ATC

Sometimes people or pilots intend to taxi, pushback, take off, cross runway etc. without clearance even ATC is active. And most cases are handled by the controller, however, it is nearly impossible to find the aircrafts taxing staright way as soon as they become online. Therefore it would be better to have this alarting message system. Such as "an aircraft is on the runway I can not take off. To ensure this feature is not used inappropriately it should be restricted to up to twice for use in a one flight session.


Don’t you mean alerting?


So, the server would detect an aircraft on the runway and prevent it from taking off?

That’s a neat idea. However, I think that will be pretty hard to code.


In my opinion pilots should never tell ATC that they cannot do something unless they are in a complete free fall. I wouldn’t care if God told you that you were cleared for take off…guess what? If ATC didn’t say do it…don’t do it! That’s just the general rule of thumb that I try to follow. ATC can also use their radar to see planes. It works nearly 97℅ of the time. If ATC says to do something…do it. Let ATC worry about a plane on the runway.

Well probably… I’m not sure for coding, just as an idea…

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No, just manually let the ATC know from the pilots. Like an example of request speed on approach. Acknowledge / unable
This is unable part, but expains the reason way unable.

I don’t want to be worried, but ATC is still human they still make mistakes even us.


I don’t think this is very realistic but it is a fantastic idea.

Normally not realistic because incidents are not happen so often or needs to be prevented in a real life. However, if something happens pilots have rights to report to the ATC. (E.g incase of fuel leak / I know this is never going to happen in current IF)

You might want to see this then

This is similar, but my idea is just an alert which do not intending to get response from ATC. Just to let them know what’s happening that they aren’t noticed. Let me make a correction about previous reply, emergency situation won’t be occur in IF now, but human-error could happen, so my idea is to reduce or possibly get rid of that.

Not saying I disagree, because I’m with you 100%, but there was time recently where an approach ATC asked me to turn left 080 then a few minutes later asked me to turn right 080. I had to tell him “unable” because I was already flying heading 080, and current limitations with the ATC communications prevented me from telling him why. This was on the expert server, so I assumed it was a mistake, because not long after he sent me a better heading

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There have been many cases in which ATC have made mistakes in which hundreds could have died so a pilot that’s cautionary is better then a trained puppy doing everything asked :)


We need this

How would this even be implemented into the sim?

How did you even find this topic?


I don’t know??